Bow for Sale: Angular Wood Composite Bow

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 15.53.47.png

The bow is based on the bows found in the grave of Tutanchamun. The angular bows in the grave were mostly horn composite bows. I wanted to try the design without horn, so basically a sinew backed bow. It is a pleasant bow to shoot, which I recommend for the archers that prefer the long draw length.

The bow is asymmetrically build, with birchbark covering the entire bow.


Bow length:              131 cm (52″)

Width mid limb:      3.5 cm

Drawlength:              up to 34-36″

Drawweight:             51lb at 35″

Price:                          500 Swiss Francs

If you are interested, contact me on Facebook or send me an email:

If this particular bow doesn’t suit your specifications but you like the design, feel free to contact me. I can always build another bow adjusted to your wishes!