Information on ordering a hornbow


If you want to purchase a hornbow please consider the following:

Do I know enough to handle a horn composite bow?

A horn composite bow is made from natural materials and will react to changing humidity and temperatures. This does not mean that a horn composite bow is difficult to handle. It does not mean that it will be out of balance and twist each time you string it. There are simply some rules you have to obey. A horn composite bow is not like a synthetic bow that is easily strung and balanced right away. You have to put some work and patience into it. The stringing process is probably the most difficult, but with some experience, and knowing what to look for, it becomes easy.

If taken care for properly, a horn composite bow might serve a lifetime. Actually, there are examples of old bows having been strung and shot after long long periods of rest.

I do not sell bows that have an inherited property of being difficult and unstable.

The price for a horn composite bow is high. That is because it is hand made and labour intensive. The prices depend on the difficulty of the type of bow.

Mongolian / Central Asian bow        CHF*2000,-

Turkish, Crim Tatar                            CHF  2300,-

Mughal (Crab) bow                              CHF 2500,-

CHF* = Swiss Francs

The prices include a cover with rawhide or leather. For birchbark cover there is an additional fee of CHF 300,-.  For Decoration there will be an extra fee depending on the complexity of painting.