Prices and Terms of use

Prices for a horn composite bow

The standard price for a horn composite bow is CHF 2000,-. Before construction a  CHF 400,- non refundable fee is required for materials. For extra options please contact me.

Prices for a wood composite bow

The starting price for a wood composite bow is CHF 385,-. For extra options please contact me.

General terms

These terms and conditions apply to all products from Medicinebows GmbH. By ordering and purchasing a product from Medicinebows GmbH you accept the terms and conditions made by Medicinebows GmbH.


Medicinebows GmbH provides a guarantee of 12 months on bows under 70lbs. For bows over 70lbs. no guarantee will be given. Guarantee starts at delivery of goods. No guarantee for dry firing*, material damage caused by the customer, damage from stringing, any alterations on the bow without permission. Reselling voids guarantee. No bow exchange possible when bow is purchased for a reduced price.

*Dry firing: Any damage or injury caused by the firing of lightweight arrows, or flight arrows, is considered as dry firing, and is done at own risk. Carbon and Aluminum arrows lighter than 10 grain per pound fall in this class. This cancels any guarantee or liability on behalf of Medicinebows GmbH.


All prices are in Swiss currency (CHF), and are displayed without taxes. Shipment prices are not included. In case of electronic payment (Paypal, bank transfer) an extra fee may apply. For hornbows a CHF 400,- non- refundable materials deposit has to be paid. Medicinebows GmbH beholds the right of prize changes.


Medicinebows GmbH makes sure that every product will be protected sufficiently for shipment. Medicinebows GmbH takes no liability for any damage occurring during shipment. Shipment will occur with Swiss Post. In case of damaged or stolen goods during shipment, the maximum refund will be the insured amount of the shipment and not the price of the bow.


Improper use of any bow, horn bows in particular, can cause injury to the user or any second party. Medicinebows GmbH only takes liability for injury in the case of construction or material failure of the product. Any injury caused by improper handling of the user warrants any liability. All legal complaints fall under Swiss law.